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En Route To Inspiration Point

Pontiac Bonneville Convertible LIFE 1959
Pontiac Bonneville Convertible LIFE 1959

Such pretty blues. I really like the artwork on this one. I also enjoy how the ad boasts (with exclamation points) of its “perfect proportion,” “supple suspension,” and “swayless stability.” Somebody likes alliteration…


18 thoughts on “En Route To Inspiration Point”

      1. Never about my car~ those phrases are hysterical and OBVIOUSLY alluding to- shall we say… alternate nighttime pass-times much sexier than driving (hahah) 😀 too funny.

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      1. I was reading last week how car makers don’t advertise sticks and are trying to phase them out entirely bc they cost so much more to make on the assembly line and so much more is entailed. So sad that today’s generation will never know them.


      2. only 4% are made with sticks! People don’t know how to drive them anymore and aren’t ordering them. When we had our flood in 2013 I had to move a 20 something year old’s girlfriend’s car because he couldn’t drive standard!

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      3. Wow, I believe it. I traveled to Cozumel with a buddy in ’99 and we rented a Jeep, and I was the only one who could drive because he’d never driven a stick. I’m sure it’s eons worse now.

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