Braniff Airways Special


 What a lucky group of students, off to fly the friendly skies in 1951.

But what’s going on here? Such eye-catching colors, he can’t help but be distracted.

Braniff had some great non-sexist ads as well. Check out the colors and the artwork on these!

Aren’t those fun? I could look at travel posters for hours. Maybe I will.

13 thoughts on “Braniff Airways Special”

  1. The art poster Braniff ads are sublime with a consistent style. The artist who created the country and state series was truly special. The color photo ad … did they really wear minishorts that short, the stewardesses? Egads. Or maybe it’s just a sexist ad with a customer. Women didn’t buy the tickets, I guess. Sexism in business all the way around.

    Now how did the Austin Maroons get to fly Braniff? And who are they? Pro team? High school? And Wiki says Braniff went belly up (not down) in 1982 after deregulation and rising fuel prices. 😦

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    1. They had an ad with stewardesses dressed all mod with short shorts, wide belt, and boots! And the Maroons were just the football team. No idea. I never fly with my school.


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