Loafers & Bobby Socks

I bet the Quill and Scroll clubs died out about the same time as loafers and bobby socks. In this 1952 Midland High School portrait, it appears that only the teacher was allowed to wear strappy shoes. The girl on the far right seems to have bucked the trend and gone with saddle oxfords.

Among the many clubs at this high school was the Model Airplane Club. I doubt that one’s around anymore either.

Without a doubt, no one under 40 has ever heard the term “slide rule” or seen one in the wild.

You could use them for math questions before calculators were readily available.


Have you ever used a slide rule?

How about the Pan American Club? What did they do in there?

I see flags of many nations.

But by far the oddest thing about clubs in this yearbook was the illustration preceding them.


We didn’t have these kind of clubs in my high school. A saloon with dancing ladies?

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