9 thoughts on “Donuts At Dark”

    1. Actually, kolaches are really popular in Central Texas due to the Czech immigrants. My mother-in-law used to make them. Myself, I don’t get it. I’ll take a breakfast taco any day–or a donut! Also, I’d say 95% of our donut shops are Asian-owned all around Texas, from the coast and in between, from what I’ve seen. They basically have the monopoly. That’s also why I assume the flyers for this shop said Dontus instead of Donuts, although Americans are terrible spellers in their own right.

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      1. Interesting about the Czechs. Ever bounced one? They don’t like it. :snorf: Out here the Asian ownership of donut emporiums is probably the same – mostly Chinese and Viernamese. Lousy hours and hard work for a low average sale total. No Millennials need apply. Hmmm…now I’m starting to jones for a fresh hot donut.

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      2. Only once in the 90s. I have always wondered how they stay afloat. I know ingredients are much cheaper than beef and asparagus, but $2-5 per customer doesn’t add up to much.

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