When CVS Has Mom’s Bipolar Meds On Back Order

etsy, 1960

Poor Dad. When Mom’s off her mental meds, he’s on the receiving end of her crazy. Sometimes it’s diluted Coke or the cold poke of an unwarranted hose spray. Either way, Mom’s a handful with a devilish grin. Shouldn’t she be grateful Dad’s kept so fit, in spite of sipping soda? He’s still got a great head of hair, a healthy tan, and can rock lemon yellow shorts like nobody’s business. Perhaps it’s not her meds at all. Maybe she’s just going through the change. In that case, she needs the pause that refreshes for the menopause that depletes. Hand Mom a Coke and a smile today!


10 thoughts on “When CVS Has Mom’s Bipolar Meds On Back Order”

  1. They aren’t on backorder long enough for there to be actual cycle issues, are they? If so, you may want to contact another pharmacy to see if they have the medication in stock – even if it’s just another branch.

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    1. I was too busy seeing the glass as half full, but now I see that it’s clearly almost empty. Maybe she should full on drown him. Or if that hose is full of Tijuana tap water, he could die of dysentery.

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