The Font That Gives Me The Heebeejeebees

I don’t know what it is about that font, but I don’t cotton to it. It’s not Nordic or Viking, but there’s something very anti-American about it, believe me. I can see why they chose it; it looks like holly leaves, sure enough. But no me gusta. Today, we’ll be checking out more Christmas giftContinue reading “The Font That Gives Me The Heebeejeebees”

Santas Of 1949

Before we lived in a culture where some believed that asking your child to sit in Santa’s lap was a violation of personal rights, kids would line up at department stores to sit in the lap of jolly old Saint Nick and tell him what they wanted for Christmas, without having parents looming within earshot.Continue reading “Santas Of 1949”

Jayhawker Christmas 1935

Today’s images come from the pages of my grandpa’s December 1935 Jayhawker, from the University of Kansas. As you can see, the colors are still bright. The December issue was littered with ads for the holidays. Home movies were the bee’s knees. Just remember that “in after years such scenes of the past should beContinue reading “Jayhawker Christmas 1935”

Little Trailer Court Christmas

I’ve never lived in a trailer court or hauled a camper or driven inside a 50s car, or even seen more than three inches of snow in my life. So perhaps that’s the appeal here to me. It all looks so campy and fun! I may not ever build a real snowman before I getContinue reading “Little Trailer Court Christmas”

Depression-Era Santa Starved From Lack Of Milk & Cookies

Actually, Santa wasn’t the one lacking that year. The UT Zeta house hosted a Christmas party for needy children, and a makeshift Santa proved too svelte for the outfit. It does make you wonder if folks left out perfectly good milk and cookies for Santa during the lean years. The irony is that the traditionContinue reading “Depression-Era Santa Starved From Lack Of Milk & Cookies”