Little Trailer Court Christmas

LTillman Art

I’ve never lived in a trailer court or hauled a camper or driven inside a 50s car, or even seen more than three inches of snow in my life. So perhaps that’s the appeal here to me. It all looks so campy and fun! I may not ever build a real snowman before I get to heaven, so I’ll enjoy the pictures instead.

For the more refined sensibilities, you may prefer your holiday pooches in cardinal-dotted doorways of resplendent mansions.

Southern Living, Christmas at Home ’09

Reminds me of a certain Malt I’ve read about…

Or perhaps you prefer a chillier theme for a most chill dog.

Southern Living, Christmas at Home ’09

Whichever way you go, make sure you can tell the real ones from the fakes!

9 thoughts on “Little Trailer Court Christmas”

      1. I have owned a 57 car, seen a lot more than 3 inches of snow at one time and lived in a small trailer court in New Mexico. I did not own the trailer but I prefer the first scene. However your dog tree is pretty cute.

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      2. My fave was either my 1980 Corvette or maybe ’74 Mazda Cosmo. Good times. I was given the ’49 Chevy by the father of a girl I dated. He must have felt sorry for the wretch his daughter was dating. Great old car. I painted it chartreuse green (it was the 60s).

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