Not The Marlboro Man I Remember

LIFE 10/28/57

Who’s THIS guy with the glasses, shelves of books, and a tat on his hand? That’s not The Marlboro Man. The Marlboro Man wears a cowboy hat and has a cigarette dangling out of his mouth. He’s wincing into the sun with crow’s feet and leathered skin but yet ruggedly handsome, despite the huge probability of melanoma. I’m going to have to take a pass on 1957 Marlboro Man.

10 thoughts on “Not The Marlboro Man I Remember

  1. Well, he’s got ink — and pretty prominently displayed — probably unusual for back in that day. So maybe he’s a rugged individualist in sheep’s clothing. Could also be this is his corporate persona before he chucked it all and moved out west to rope cows, and maybe the cig company decided they needed to document his journey. Lots of questions! 🙂

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    1. I admit that’s the only advertisement I’ve seen from this era including a tattoo. I figured he was a veteran. Maybe those books were teaching him how to prepare to go rope cows like you say.

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