“It’s Swell To Get Camels Again”

You’ve probably never heard the name, Jerry Ambler. As you can see in this 1947 ad, he was a bronc-riding star, winning the North American Saddle Bronc title in 1941 and 1946. Born in Alberta, Canada, Ambler became the best of the best. The Canadian Pro Rodeo Hall of Fame Jerry’s asserts that his greatestContinue reading ““It’s Swell To Get Camels Again””

Joltin’ Joe

I’d never seen this ad before. My new KU magazines are filled with cigarette ads. I’m not on an anti-smoking propaganda campaign here; I’m just sharing the interesting ads. However, it did contribute to DiMaggio’s demise. DiMaggio, a heavy smoker for much of his adult life, was admitted to Memorial Regional Hospital in Hollywood, Florida, onContinue reading “Joltin’ Joe”