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What Could Be Sweeter Than A Doc Who Makes House Calls? February 4, 2016

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8/19/46 Life

A doc who lights it up right after!


Yep, it’s a Camel ad–with beautiful artwork!


9 Responses to “What Could Be Sweeter Than A Doc Who Makes House Calls?”

  1. Benson Says:

    You will see a Dr. making house calls as often as you will see a dinosaur. Of course when I was about 12 or so our Dr. did and I don’t recall seeing too many large lizards.

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  2. Dave Says:

    You don’t see too many docs wearing Panama Hats these days either… perhaps I’ll bring back that style!

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  3. My better half and his brothers were a rambunctious children needing many stitches. Their family doc made many house calls and probably needed to light up after all the repeat business . . .

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  4. Boy, I wish they still did that today. Because, really, when you have the flu, who feels like getting out of the house?

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