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How Lovely Are Thy Branches

Jan 1917 National Geographic
Jan 1917 National Geographic

Over 100 years ago, a “motor-driven vehicle” and its owners somehow made it up to the top of this felled sequoia in the Sequoia National Park, presumably without 4 wheel drive.

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Dog Park, Part I


This is Tonto. He is not bright. Hence, the name. Whenever we take him to the dog park, the other dogs get confused and think he is a she. He is not. So he flees.

Dog Park 008But he’s not just a victim. He sniffs other dogs as well.

??????????????????????????????? Just one more for good measure.

Dog Park 050

At first, dog parks seem like a good idea.

Dog Park 053

But dog parks are really just a big humpfest.


Some dogs desperately need approval.

Dog Park Charles 006

Some are full of trepidation.

Dog Park 048And some just want to play with a beat-up yellow Frisbee.

Dog Park 076