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Oh, The Ennui Of Driving Through Sequoias November 9, 2018

Images of America

Over 100 years ago, when this image was taken in California, the absence of windshields demanded that the driver (right-sided in this case) wore a duster and goggles as he wound his way through grounds without paved streets. Ladies often wore something similar to this.




That’s quite a bit of work required before jumping in and cranking the engine. This pint-sized pooch seems to think it’s worth it.



6 Responses to “Oh, The Ennui Of Driving Through Sequoias”

  1. Benson Says:

    If anyone ever doubts the American love affair with cars all they need to do is look at these photos. If you are willing to go through this just to take a bumpy ride in the elements it must be love.

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  2. That Allweathers ad says they are leather! Holy smokes. Can you imagine how those ladies sweated? Some serious road stank.

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  3. Ooooo boy– in the 2nd to last ad- that lady has her girdle pulled way too tight.

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