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We’re Not Loading Up Our Woody Because Our Woody Is Ugly


The June 2013 Men’s Journal included this picture of “Enduring Icons,” cars which have basically retained their shape and/or style. That’s nice, but:

  • Are these the only three examples that exist within the expanse of hideous styleless rectangles uglifying our neighbor’s driveways and our nation’s highways as we speak?
  • The older models still look better.
  • Fix it please. I will gladly pay good money to drive a vehicle that does not look like NOW.  2013 will never go down in the annals as the heyday of automobiles.
  • P.S. this pic was stuck at the end of a Range Rover review for times when you “need to ford three feet of water while getting a massage from your 20-way power seats.”  What I wouldn’t give to just BEHOLD three feet of water in this arid desert called Texas.
  • P.P.S. The Range Rover starts at $83,500, which will buy you a HOUSE on the east side in this neck of the woods.

And speaking of woodies…

3 thoughts on “We’re Not Loading Up Our Woody Because Our Woody Is Ugly”

  1. I guess the car makers are like some left-leaning politicians who are so prideful that they won’t change their ways even if it would make our nation prosperous again.


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