11 thoughts on “Joyride”

    1. The slouchy girl was from Fall 1940 Univ of Kansas, and the joyride is Christmas 1941 (but probably taken before Pearl Harbor and official US entry into war)…


  1. Confession time once again:
    I went on a ‘hay ride’ back when I was about to ‘graduate’ from Jr. High.
    Woodstock was all in Vogue then and I was a Hippy.
    Yep, my bad: A hippy amongst goat ropers…
    Anyway, as the hay ride was drawing to its inevitable conclusion and we were riding back…I stood up in the wagon and shouted:
    “GImme an F!”
    The crowd humored me, as I went through the rest of the bit.
    And when it was done, we all fell down in the hay, laughing.
    Well…not all.
    I was thrown out of Jr. High and I, to this day, have to carry that shame, (as a badge of honor)
    Great memories…Kerbey.
    See what things you bring to my memories?
    Bad! Bad! Kerbey!

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  2. they all have completely different expressions–wonder what each of them is thinking. It’s like they’re all on different rides. Great pic.


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