11 thoughts on “Pre-Dawn Ruckus Raisers

  1. Only a mama bird could love. That is really a great picture. I like the chirping of birds, especially in the AM, when it is still. However, in the city,those quiet times are few. Before I forget again, I like your new background pic. I hope everyone one has a place like that to remember.

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  2. One time I opened the front door to dust our welcome mat and startled a wild turkey from our camilla bush. I know the feeling you’re talking about! Great pic Kerbey!

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  3. Awwww, they are so cute and vulnerable – I hope you left their home well covered Kerbey.

    I had to laugh at Sandra’s turkey story. Where i live (Ottawa, Canada) wild turkeys have been reintroduced into the wild and have bred like wildfire. There is now a hunting season to try and keep the numbers manageable. They seem quite at home in residential areas. As soon as they were released in the wild, they packed their little bags, loaded up granny and the kids and migrated into the suburbs. It’s not unusual to come around a corner and find five or six of them (and they are big buggers – http://www.huffingtonpost.ca/2013/03/12/wild-turkeys-ottawa_n_2860671.html ). they will pop out of hedges, walk up driveways and stand in the middle of the road. Ha! Get out your boxing gloves Kerbey – they’ll give you a run for your money.


    1. I didn’t even go near that tree after that. Every branch is in tact.

      I only thought Wild Turkey was a liquor. I have seen a few wild turkeys in my time, but nowhere around my city. Deer, yes, turkeys, no. Last year at a ranch, I saw a turkey who thought he was a peacock. He lived among a group of peacocks (in a person’s yard), and he was the protector. I wanted to get him a mirror and show him he wasn’t a peacock at all. (I’m saying this as I eat a turkey and cheese sandwich…) You should be able to get really cheap turkey breasts with all that wildfire breeding, huh?


  4. good gosh, they’re cute. But did you say in another post that they’re accompanied by a jackhammer? You need to run away to a summer island.


    1. That’s a good idea, Liz. I think I will. Tout suite! But there’s another house slab a few feet from our back fence, and once they start on that, I may lose it altogether. Last year they built houses all summer, and they’re at it again!


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