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Pruning Time

016I spent yesterday evening, pruning myriad branches in the back yard. I have no green thumb, no knowledge of correct pruning, nor any desire at all to do it the right way. All I know is there are too many branches, too many twigs, too many green sprouting leaves everywhere, and I have a pair of pruning shears. And although June in Texas is usually the last vestige of anything green before the Great Drought covers the land, I cannot entirely appreciate it, knowing that branches are toppling over the fence into the neighbor’s yard. I had no choice but to go all Edward Scissorhands on the trees, and this dragonfly stopped by to bid adieu to a fallen branch.

One thing I learned about vitex trees; you can lob off one sprouting branch, and (just like grey hairs), twenty will appear in its place. You have to be vigilant, or they sprout like crazy, winding around each other like kindergartners fighting to be first in line.


I did feel a bit sad, watching these lavender blooms fall to the earth. Oh, well.


As I passed by these pretty little things, I could hear The Judds singing:

Are the roses not blooming this morning?
Has the sun lost its beautiful ray?

And of course, my response was: Actually, the roses are blooming this morning. And they are fine indeed.

13 thoughts on “Pruning Time”

  1. Dragon flies are great little critters. Of course the first time I saw one as a young kid it scare the Bosco out of me. Again these are beautiful pictures. What are those lavender bloom? You should have saved them and wove them into a crown. Then you could look like a sprite.

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    1. As long as they don’t bite or sting, I can deal with insects. The purple flowers come from the Vitex tree. I already found three brown tree bits in my hair in the bathtub last night; I can only imagine what a crown would have created…


    1. I won’t go near them, I promise. I saw pictures of my husband after his home-done bowl cuts. I would never do that to anyone’s head. Or worse, as you may be thinking.


  2. Great pictures and post Kerbey. Back when I owned a house (I rent now so the landlord does that stuff) i wasn’t much of a gardener. Every now and then something would get so out of hand that I’d attack it. Our big (10 foot high) cedar hedge looked like a Chia Pet, so I bought a hedge trimmer and attacked it. I made the mistake of thinking I could “eye-ball” it like I’d seen so many professionals do – WRONG. Ha! It took the poor hedge most of the yea to recover.

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    1. Ha ha–I bet we all think we can just figure it out (like giving a bad haircut), and I can well imagine what that poor hedge must have looked like. Thanks for stopping by!


  3. a gardening post! You could write a lifestyle book 🙂 Kudos on the outdoor work. That’s a great way to convince your body (and mind) it needs sleep.


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