Taking Tea At The Juliet Balcony To See Your Husband Off

1964 Cadillac

So much in this one tiny image. The slender woman at the balcony, trying to fill the emptiness of her husband’s neglect with six ounces of Earl Grey, as he obliviously tries to pack away his clubs into a luxuriously long and lean baby blue ’64 Cadillac. Note the fender skirt. Have you ever driven a car with a fender skirt? Has the term changed because a skirt implies gender, though cars are often thought of as female? Can I call this a house of antebellum architecture? Or is that passé, now that Lady Antebellum has become Lady A, due to the fact that columns = slavery = plantations = racism? Better take Lincoln off the penny, as he denotes STRONG connotations of the Civil War, and we shan’t want to be reminded of that baser time. In fact, weren’t ALL times baser? Do not we become more woke and woke each day? At least, we all have the right to vote these days, but what of Yellow Dress up there? How can she get to the polling booths if Stan is taking the car? There was no mail-in in 1964. LBJ beat Goldwater that year, but perhaps his victory lies in part, due to all the housewives who simply could not make it to the booths that year, due to their golf-happy spouse’s Tuesday game. Makes you wonder.

16 thoughts on “Taking Tea At The Juliet Balcony To See Your Husband Off”

  1. My father had a Pontiac Bonneville exactly that color, Kerbey, and it may have been a ‘64. I was just a kid, but I do remember that it sure had enough room for our little family, as my sibs had not yet arrived.

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  2. Kerbey, I have been so remiss. I have been enjoying your posts since 2013. Not certain if I ever said ‘Thank you.”
    I do.
    I want to shout it now:
    Thank you!
    I love your posts.
    Just thought you’d love to know that.
    Or not.
    Thank you.
    I do look/listen/and view all of your posts that come unrequited into my in box, and happily, IO am never disjointed, or disappointing., nor disappointed.
    I do love them all.
    Not certain, but I think you may be a fellow Texan.
    Caint prove it, but I hold dear my vain fantasies.
    I am five sheets in the wind; please forgive me, my good friend. I will sober up one day, but not in this near future.

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