On The Other Side of The Rainbow Bridge Now

On a bright and sunny day in April of 2010, we drove to the local dog pound. After touring the inside, we walked up to an outside cage. There sat a dog with floppy brown basset ears and a heeler body, poised at the front wall, right paw extended to greet us. Our first-grader shook his hand, and that was it. We took Tonto home.

Throughout years of trying and failing to give our son a sibling, pregnancies and miscarriages, Tonto was always there as his best buddy, to scamper up his playscape and run in the sprinkler with all the energy of youth. When we took him to the dog park, other dogs would run off leash like banshees terrorizing a village. But Tonto would walk up to the first human, sit and extend his right paw to shake. Once shaken, he would move to the next human and spend the entire hour greeting folks. Through two eye removal surgeries, he never lost his sweetness, learning to take life as it comes, with all of its challenges.

The day after Christmas, his breathing became labored, and we rushed him to ER on that same road where we had adopted him 12 years prior. Within minutes, the doctor came in and said a tumor had ruptured on his spleen, and his belly was full of blood. He didn’t have long. Tears spilled on the floor tiles as the three of us stroked his fur for the last time and told him how much we loved him. We were there with him as the doctor let him gently go.

I imagine he greeted Saint Peter at the pearly gates with a right paw shake, and then proceeded into heaven, making new friends. He really was a good boy.


8 thoughts on “On The Other Side of The Rainbow Bridge Now”

  1. My heart breaks for you and your family, my friend. Dogs have a way of worming themselves into our lives and becoming so much more than just a pet. To lose Tonto at a holiday time is especially sad and I know you all must be exhausted by the surges of emotions and, ultimately, the deep grief on losing a family member. I feel I’ve known Tonto for years through your blog and together we joked about things he did and funny behaviors over the years. I mourn with you his passing. I have no clue what happens to us when we move from this life but I’ve always held fast to the notion that if indeed there is something that follows then I want that future to include our dogs. For now, I’m figuring that Max finally has met another blogging friend and they are together, hale and whole, and playing together and still wondering what the heck is wrong with humans that can’t live their lives like dogs. ❤❤

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  2. My heart is full of sweetness and sadness all mishmashed together right now Kerbey. I’m sorry for your loss and happy for the years you got to spend with dear Tonto, grateful and kind rescue dog. Hang in there and delight in that fantastic relationship of dog and the right family.

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