Simian Takeover

By 1947, George Vierheller had already been director of the Saint Louis Zoo for nearly 20 years and felt at ease with his wards. As you can see, he had a certain laissez-faire approach to monkey business. Here, we find Tommy and Cookie taking issue with who really is who at the zoo, while GeorgeContinue reading “Simian Takeover”

What Eating Feels Like When You Have COVID

Blah. Everything tastes like cardboard, which is to say, almost nothing. The unfortunate thing is that sometimes, you’ll get an inkling of salt or of sour, but without context of other flavors, it’s just a nasty taste on your tongue. So you look like mopey Barbara here, a four-year-old hybrid gibbon, back in September ofContinue reading “What Eating Feels Like When You Have COVID”

PETA Taps Tesla To Build Time Machine So They Can Retroactively Sue Peggy Paige For Speciesism

“No monkeying with this price?” Watch out there, Peggy Paige! While you were busy making clothing for folks who were still dealing with the fallout of WWII, using your taxes to support countries ravaged by war and fascism, trying to bring a bit of merriment to the widows and families of the millions of deadContinue reading “PETA Taps Tesla To Build Time Machine So They Can Retroactively Sue Peggy Paige For Speciesism”

Where Are They Now? Cindy Lou Who Falls On Hard Times

Y’all know I love proboscis monkeys. Young ones and female ones have smaller noses. But even a snub nose can frighten! By the time a male reaches adulthood, he possesses quite the appendage. It doesn’t slow him down. In fact, scientists say that droopy snout actually is there to impress the ladies. And to distractContinue reading “Where Are They Now? Cindy Lou Who Falls On Hard Times”

Orangutan Takes Olympic Gold In Gymnastics

No doubt about it. Orangutans are flexible. Even the wee ones. And though they are stronger than humans (especially in their arms), they are not invincible. Laid up on the table, this orangutan looks amazingly human, while vet staff takes out air rifle pellets in his body put there by Sumatran villagers. However, let’s rememberContinue reading “Orangutan Takes Olympic Gold In Gymnastics”

Silverback Gorilla

Imposing, grand, primitive, huge…yet with human eyes and expressions, enormous black fingers delicately and expertly stripping away thorns from vegetation, possibly ignoring you altogether or looking you straight in the eye.  Respect and awe is given, from human to ape.  These are the words my aunt wrote of her trip to Rwanda earlier this month, inContinue reading “Silverback Gorilla”