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Okapis Have Zebra Thighs

2011-06 Zoo Kodak 104

Okapis are odd creatures. Like God reused zebra leg parts on them. Maybe that’s why their name sounds like “Oh, copy.”

I don’t know what this is, but it’s licking a pole. Maybe an antelope.

2011-06 Zoo Kodak 086

Licking a pole. I’m pretty sure that’s part of Miley’s latest cardio routine.

And you know what this is. Doesn’t his foot look uncomfortably contorted? Rhinoceros horns are made from a protein called keratin, the same substance used in my Suave hair treatment.

2011-06 Zoo Kodak 094

This thing getting right up in your face is a hyena. Reminds me of when Mufasa got right up in those young hyena’s faces in The Lion King. Don’t let their dingo-dogginess fool you. Death to hyenas!

2011-06 Zoo Kodak 101

Then there were some birds:

pink flamingos, which remind me of a Port Aransas souvenir t-shirt I scored in the 80s

2011-06 Zoo Kodak 004

whatever these are (maybe zebra birds)

2011-06 Zoo Kodak 105

and this duck, who seems to be saying to the turtle, “Zero bothers given.”

2011-06 Zoo Kodak 069

And that’s the last of the San Antonio Zoo pics. Now I have to go bake some brownies and clean off the back porch table so the boys can eat crispy beef tacos out there for dinner (we always have a 0% chance of rain, so no worries of precip) and take some Vitamin D supplements that won’t absorb in my body anyway and get the hub’s load of laundry out of the washer and into the dryer, and at some point get to the store to try out that Dr. Scholl’s foot assessment machine and see if their $50 insoles can help my heels feel better. Hope you have a good weekend!