Open Wide

Roxie, shown here, is our youngest pound dog. Tonto is our 13-year-old pound dog, now blind and sometimes incontinent if made to hold his bladder overnight. As such, he sleeps in a kennel now to prevent him from messing on a carpet, which though rare, has happened. Roxie has the run of the house each night, as she is master of her bladder. However, the past couple of months have seen her venture over to his kennel, a place she had never before visited. She began spending a few minutes in there each night. Was she marking it with her scent? Didn’t she realize she was the lucky one, free to roam about, not jailed?

Now she spends most of the entire night in his kennel, while he snuggles into a dog bed near the coffee table, the more sociable of the two. We’re not sure why the change in her behavior, as she used to enjoy being stroked and scratched in the living room. The kennel has been there for years, and she has only just now decided to make it her evening resting spot, though Tonto sleeps in it overnight. This shot took her unawares as I stopped mid-cooking dinner to venture over to the kennel. Perhaps of all the five dog beds, this one is just the floofiest.


4 thoughts on “Open Wide”

  1. Your absence has been noted and hopefully you’re feeling better and back in the swing of things. As you know well, dogs are amazingly sensitive critters and sometimes seem to know and understand things before the two-legged critters catch on to what’s up. I know that sometimes a younger dog who shares a home with a senior pup will start getting closer to the oldster maybe sensing a growing frailty and the inevitable toll of aging. It’s ;ilke they realize that time is passing quickly and they’d better get their full share of sniffs and licks in whilst there still is time. Or maybe Roxie is just a blanket & bed thief like some spouses are but whom shall remain nameless.

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    1. Perhaps you are right. They both follow me upstairs each day as I go “to work” and then back down each time I go to the kitchen, etc. Lately Tonto just hangs at the top of the stairs, conserving his energy, thinking, “She’ll be back up soon. Why bother going up and down?” So his behavior has changed as well. I wonder if she even knows he is blind? It would be nice to think her behavior is more than just indulgence and selfishness. But she might just be that spouse!
      And thanks–I had a surgery but I’m good now! Trying to get back to life…

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