Cedar Waxwings Flummoxed By Snowvid Armageddon

Bird dynamics have been FUBAR during this frozen apocalypse. They appear to be much more sociable than in days of yore, flocking together and flying from icicle tree to icicle tree, wondering what in the name of the holy mother is going on. I know they are cedar waxwings because their little wingtips appear to have been dipped in red and yellow paint, and they wear that black mask which conveys a sense of outrage at Nature’s recent shenanigans. Here in central Texas, the old quote of “water, water everywhere and not a drop to drink” keeps popping up, as we continue yet more days sans water. Yup, it’s snowing, but we can’t drink that, although we’ve melted 14 gallons of it so far to use to flush toilets. Last week, we filled up some Arizona tea jugs with tap water, so we still have that. I suppose the birds can lick the icicles?

I braved my death by stepping onto our icy front porch to toss them handfuls of hemp seeds and pumpkin seeds out of an abundance of my own grace and mercy upon them. They flew away. Perhaps that’s why we call them bird brains.

14 thoughts on “Cedar Waxwings Flummoxed By Snowvid Armageddon”

    1. wonk wonk. austin is full of prius-loving, gluten-free snowflake vegans who don’t have the arm strength to put up a truck tailgate. we used to have a tundra, but it had rear wheel drive, so that wouldn’t have helped in the ice, although the snow would have been fine. still no water means no bath tonight–and now i’ve spent all day not being able to smell or taste, so that’s an added bonus! never got above freezing today. i cannot WAIT to complain about 110 degrees.

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    1. Thank you. We have a small stream of water now but it’s dirty so we are still under a boil water notice. The snow and ice are melting but they will freeze up again when it’s 20 degrees tonight. Tomorrow has got to be better.


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