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Cripple Creek Pre-Hipster Barbershop ‘Staches January 19, 2016

Life 08-22-55

Life 08-22-55

What is going on here? Guests of the melodrama Flying Scud were given cardboard mustaches upon admission to the basement theater of Cripple Creek, Colorado’s Imperial Hotel. Once disguised, they were encouraged to jeer at the villain as he tried to sully the honor of an innocent maiden. In that 1955 season, more than 20,000 people donned faux ‘staches in those seats.

The theater closed in the early 1990s when the Imperial was converted to a casino. The theater, however was left intact in the basement of the hotel, and in 2009, life was restored to the Imperial, including the Gold Bar Theater. Perhaps you could find yourselves seated at one of those checkered tablecloths, too!


8 Responses to “Cripple Creek Pre-Hipster Barbershop ‘Staches”

  1. The guy with the cigarette must be embarrassed by the mustache . . . .

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  2. reocochran Says:

    Too bizarre to figure out a decent comment, Kerbey. I am speechless at this weirdness.

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  3. Benson Says:

    Actually that is a pretty clever gimmick. It isn’t any worse than some of the crud being done now. I would wear one. Wait..I don’t have to.

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