1940s, Advertising, Art, History, Nostalgia, Vintage

1949 Packard Eight

Life magazine
Life magazine

130 HP Club Sedan $2274, fender shields $18, white sidewalls $21

Why do you suppose they illustrated this sedan, driving through mud on a construction site? To imply they were “movin’ on up” to the post-war, affluent side? That people who buy new cars also buy new houses? All I know is I sure do like that kelly green.

8 thoughts on “1949 Packard Eight”

  1. I like the kelly green and all the grille- work. It looks like a very cool car and probably would have been out of my parents’ budget. They dated in 1953. Not sure if my Dad owned a car then or not? Mom rode a bus or trolley from Middletown to Cincinnati. 🙂

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