Watch Me Engineer This

In the middle of WWII, Curtis-Wright Cadettes at the University of Texas trained for vital war work, living in the Campus Guild and getting hands-on experience in engineering. When nightfall came, however, they traded jumpsuits for feminine pajamas and flowy gowns. Or at least they did for this article. Per, the Engineering Cadette ProgramContinue reading “Watch Me Engineer This”

Kryptonite Used In ‘Rona Vaccine Trial

That’s probably not kryptonite. In fact, the only thing I recognize in the whole image is dreft, and a man in an apron. A sturdy apron. The rest of it is all science. This might also be science. Or maybe it’s engineering. I don’t know. It’s machines. This guy is looking at the things, maybeContinue reading “Kryptonite Used In ‘Rona Vaccine Trial”