Measuring for Caps & Gowns

1957 Tulia High School

Today is the last day of school for our local school district. I jogged past the middle school this morning, noting that the PE-uniformed kids would be absent from the track for the next three months. Facebook has been awash in graduation photos of friends’ children. It remains bittersweet to me that my own son was denied his junior and senior years due to the virus. Can you imagine not having a senior year? Remember all the amazing things you did those last two years of high school? His class spent them in their bedrooms, staring at a laptop. In any event, I salute the class of 2023 today. May you go out and make this world better.


4 thoughts on “Measuring for Caps & Gowns”

  1. Well, there you are. I was getting concerned because you were missing in action for so long. Hope you and yours are well and ready for summer. I, too, missed having a senior year in high school and this was after getting elected class president so I can commiserate with your son. How’s Rajesh fitting in with fam? Whatcha been up to?

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    1. Why didn’t you have a senior year? Good memory, Tom, as far as the dog. Well, we had a sermon at church about Samson a week after we got him, and it fit him perfectly, so he has been Samson since then. It’s on his dog tag and chip file. He’s chewed up several dog beds, but I have not murdered him. Do you think you’ll get another doggo in the future?


      1. I skipped because I had an early admission to college and kinda, sorta got bullied into taking it by my parents. I regret that a bit now for a lot of reasons but mostly because there were so many senior year events and activities that I missed. My wife had a dog, a German Shepherd, that she named Samson. Good strong name just keep him away from female pups named Delilah. No, I think our doggie days are done. We’ve talked about it but the AJF has had a tough time getting over Max and won’t entertain the idea just yet anyway.

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      2. I see what you mean. Getting Samson was a good way to dissipate the grief, but I can see how it would also be very hard to replace Max. He was your buddy. This is a goofball who brings young energy and chaos.


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