Nicotine Responsible For Decreased Fan Support

1961 Round-Up

Perhaps it’s the combination of shades and smokes that makes these fellows look too cool for school–too cool to jump up and down anyway. Methinks they don’t want to look overly enthusiastic and wind up looking like Mr. Plaid down below, who appears to be uneasy in applause. Perhaps he has tender palms?

And then there’s the other end of the spectrum. Fans who come out to support the team, rain or shine, not afraid to look excited.

And the cheerleaders sure appreciate it!

1949 Cactus

Putt Putt

I Remember Distinctly

Garnet Carter built his first “Tom Thumb Golf Course” in Lookout Mountain, TN in 1927. Two years later, he drove to Miami to build another. By the following summer, mini golf courses were springing up around the USA along roadsides. Folks could stop and play on greenswards made of cottonseed hulls (Astro Turf was not patented till ’65) and roll their balls through the pipes. Living through The Depression may have stunk, but at least there was putt putt.

Fixodent And Forget It

The Joy of LIfe by Kunhardt
The Joy of LIfe by Kunhardt

For the folks¬†in Amsterdam who are neither potheads nor prostitutes, fun is often had by an affable¬†after-dinner egg-blowing game. However, one woman blew so hard that her false teeth flew out of her mouth and landed on the table–to the delight of those around her.

For more on egg-blowing, visit last year’s post.

For more on keeping dentures in place, Fixodent and forget it.

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