Nicotine Responsible For Decreased Fan Support

1961 Round-Up

Perhaps it’s the combination of shades and smokes that makes these fellows look too cool for school–too cool to jump up and down anyway. Methinks they don’t want to look overly enthusiastic and wind up looking like Mr. Plaid down below, who appears to be uneasy in applause. Perhaps he has tender palms?

And then there’s the other end of the spectrum. Fans who come out to support the team, rain or shine, not afraid to look excited.

And the cheerleaders sure appreciate it!

1949 Cactus

7 thoughts on “Nicotine Responsible For Decreased Fan Support”

  1. Okay…I got a question. The girls sweatshirts look like Pi Beta Theta. But as far as I know, there are no sorority named Pi Beta Theta. Of course there is a well known fraternity Beta Theta Pi but that’s not the order even if reversed. So, finder of old Texas pics, which sorority is this?

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    1. You’re right. That makes no sense, and it doesn’t exist on Google. I’ll have to go back and look through that yearbook and see if it says anything, but I bet it’s just in a collage saying something like, “Virginia and Geraldine root for the home team.”

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