How Not To Freeze Your Eggs


This blowhard Dutchwoman is participating in an after-dinner sport called Eieren Blazen, or egg-blowing, the antidote for a meal rich in beef and potatoes. Amsterdam egg-blowers spent the evening, sitting on their hands and blowing toward the goal. Think you might fall into gluttonous sin tonight? No problem. We can burn off those calories. Simply fetch an empty eggshell, a billiard table with two goal nets, a dozen pals, and away we go.

AmsterdamEggBlowers-002I know it sounds farfetched, but could that be Morey Amsterdam actually IN AMSTERDAM, bug-eyed and diminutive in the cardigan?



  1. I don’t think it’s an empty egg, Kerbey. One, the shell would be cracked. Two, even if the emptied it very carefully, with a pinhole or some such slow method, it would be too light and would blow all over the dang table. No, I think this lady was a hard-boiled egg- blowing champion. Worse or better for her reputation?

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