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How To Get Rid Of Wine Stains



11 thoughts on “How To Get Rid Of Wine Stains”

  1. Ha! Too funny. i have a friend – Penny – and she called me up one day and asked of i could get a van or truck and pick up her new couch she bought. i brought a van and a friend and we transported the couch. It was agonizingly difficult to get up to the third floor of her apartment and took more than an hour of wiggling and finessing up the stair well (wouldn’t fit in the elevator). When we finally got it into her apt, and in place she asked in her most begging tone if we could take the old one out and garbage it. With a big sigh, we agreed but demanded we have a smoke first. So, we went out on the balcony to smoke and both looked at each other when the realization struck us. Ha! So we went back in, grabbed the couch, dragged it out to the balcony and heaved it off the third floor. It hit the ground with a most satisfying thud.

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      1. When the couch hit, it broke apart and all the change hidden inside flew out all over the pavement. I ran down to pick it up while my buddy satyed on the balcony watching. As i collected, he shouted down : “Hey Paul! This a pay week – you don’t need the change!”

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