Putt Putt

I Remember Distinctly

Garnet Carter built his first “Tom Thumb Golf Course” in Lookout Mountain, TN in 1927. Two years later, he drove to Miami to build another. By the following summer, mini golf courses were springing up around the USA along roadsides. Folks could stop and play on greenswards made of cottonseed hulls (Astro Turf was not patented till ’65) and roll their balls through the pipes. Living through The Depression may have stunk, but at least there was putt putt.

13 thoughts on “Putt Putt”

  1. My grandma and I used to go mini golfing together all the time! πŸ™‚ One time she got really mad and threw her club. True story lol. I can’t even blame her. The course we always went to was pure evil.

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