Modern Library

Ventana52-008before tablets

before Kindle

before Barnes & Noble and the now-defunct Borders

there were libraries

and corner bookstores

and meg ryan did not work in them but that was okay

there was no coffee, no chai, no biscotti

no wi-fi

but boys and girls could meet there and look at each other when they spoke

and touch globes and point to countries they would visit

one day

and grab a paperback and get lost in it so that they forgot all sense of time.



  1. I love “old school” book stores and libraries. The feel and smell of the books was always reassuring. A secret dream of mine as a kid was to own a store that sold books and chess sets. I am not sure of why that combo. I just thought it would be neat to have a place for people who liked to read and play chess. Those two in the picture appear to be having a Romantic interlude among the globes. You can almost see the boys blush and hear his “Aw shucks”.

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  2. Your poem? I like! The only books I buy are those I can not get at the library or cookbooks I have to own. Besides giving folks an opportunity to look at other people, a library has FREE books to return after reading so they do not add clutter to your home. Plus they have awesome summer programs for kids. I heart libraries.

    Do you think this is the book mentioned lower right?

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      • awesome, Kerbey–Free Ride and Lucifer sound like great names for a troubled child’s imaginary friends. (My imaginary friends were named Cocoa and Peanut Butter–how telling is that? Did you have any?)


      • That is VERY telling. And yet you grew up to be not chunky. I did eat a peanut butter cup today, both of your friends. It was dark choc, though. My best friend and I were only children, so we had imaginary sisters, Janie and Susie, but I can’t recall which was which. It’s all very foggy, because as we know, that was eons ago.

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  3. The globes in the libraries were always a reason to come back. Yeah, the world maps that spun, too. Hey, you started it with the lovey dovey stuff up top.

    Yes, Liz, I heart libraries, too. My go-to for all novels for economic and storage reasons, and on principal, too.

    Now, LIz and Kerbey, about the imaginary friends, I must hip in … I had real friends! Imagine that!!

    I can’t talk Reese’s and Butterfinger with you anymore. Bah! Russell Stover no-sugar-added peanut butter cups are pretty good, though. 🙂

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    • Understood. I buy all my books at Half Price Book Store because I don’t want to buy a book I haven’t touched with my fingers. There’s a reason they tell you not to swim in the Amazon.


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