Before There Was Daylight Saving Time…

Ventana52-006…young men set their pocket watches to pin-up time. Witness this lad trying to get the minute hand just right. Men who did not hang pin-ups in their rooms usually found themselves tardy to important appointments. Even on Saturdays.

KU-Fall40005Sadly, campus buses did not run their routes on weekends and fellows were forced to hitch.


Pin-up time has gone the way of the dinosaur, but a new time has risen in popularity.

And according to my watch, that’s pretty soon.

14 thoughts on “Before There Was Daylight Saving Time…

  1. I could meet you at the Happy Hour Lounge since that Vegas joint didn’t work out (burned to the ground if I’m remembering correctly). Shall we say 4:30 CST? Not sure the feathers in your hair will work with beer, but your call.

    Back up to the top: What do you suppose his Quick book is about? Please tell me it’s not dirty. And striped pajamas rock. Sorry if he missed his bus though.


    1. I don’t think it’s Quicken or Quick Books. Or Nesquix. I don’t know. Boys do like to look at scantily-clad women, but I think that pin-up was the best they could do. I have penguin pajamas. Maybe I need some stripes! Although I would look like a prisoner. Yes, let’s meet at 4:30. I haven’t had a drink since yesterday.


    2. Just because not knowing stuff bothers me…from the web:

      “Quick magazine was a “news weekly” published by Cowles Magazines, Inc., part of Cowles Media Company (now a subsidiary of McClatchy Newspapers Inc.). The pocket-sized publication (4.5 X 6 inches and 64-68 pages, plus covers) were available at newsstands each Thursday, where folks were encouraged via cutesy back covers to “carry it in your pocket or your purse… and read it wherever you are”.

      Quick was started by Gardner Cowles Jr. (called “Mike”) in 1949 and, despite a circulation of 1.3 million, the magazine was ended in 1953 when it was decided that Quick‘s subscribers could be transferred to Look, where the circulation numbers would help Look maintain a lead in the big battle with competitor Colliers.”


      1. So they were just a bit bigger than phones nowadays. Perhaps they weren’t so quick to read after all. If you merge them with Look, that’s a direct order. Really, Playboy should be called Look. Or perhaps that’s understood.


  2. I must say that wall hanging was the closest Shorty McDuff was getting to a glimpse in a good while, witness the chuckles of everybody else in the room to whatever the heck he is doing with his clutched hands there. (I don’t want to know, I don’t, I don’t.) The scrunch-faced Saturday guy sort of looks like John McEnroe to me, so I think he’s late for a tennis match. And what by the name of outstretched thumbs is that figure on the side of the hitchhiker’s satchel, Kerbey?

    OK, I’m in for a drink at 4:30, a Cabernet Savignon today


    1. Oh, he does look like McEnroe, doesn’t he? Eternally grumpy. I don’t know what that figure is; it’s not a pin-up, for sure. I had white yesterday, so I could do red today. Poor Shorty McDuff…now that you say that, they do seem to be laughing at him. Everyone was SO CLOSE to each other in the 50s. What happened to personal space? No WONDER there was a Baby Boom. It’s like Tracy Morgan said; he just walked into a room and got people pregnant.


      1. Speaking of … how about the idjits at WalMart trying to blame near fataly injured Tracy for not wearing a seatbelt in a limo bus. Who wears a seatbelt in a limo bus, may I ask? Talk about a bad PR move for a corporation that depends upon America’s cha-ching.


      2. I was thinking about that yesterday. I also saw a renovation show last night where they put a bed in the back of a suburban, and I wondered if they had to wear a seatbelt (how could they?) if someone else was driving while they slept. Surely Tracy will recoup 100%.


    1. Restaurants open at 11am, so I think by 11:30am, you should be finishing up your first one. Plus, you live where drinks are accessorized. I bet you are over that. What would you like to drink?


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