7 thoughts on “Success in golf depends less on strength of body than upon strength of mind and character–Arnold Palmer

  1. I think that holds true for most things. I played golf once. I realized then why it is so addictive. I also realized I didn’t have the time it would take to develop any degree of proficiency. Now I have the time but not the money. Golf can be a very expensive past time.

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  2. the boy is not golfing?

    Are you a golfer, Kerbey? Thinking you’ve told me no before, but not remembering exactly. At the risk of alienating anyone else reading my comment, I will say that I don’t get what is appealing about golf (sorry Mark!). Seems a bit of a yawn to me.


    1. No, I can’t afford that. If I need a tan, I go outside. I just liked the picture. My hub played a few times when he was single. I DO like golf courses, though. They are the only green thing around here!


  3. You are forgiven, Liz. If you’ve never played, I can’t expect you to get the allure. Benson did! Kerbey is halfway there. Me and my friends, the ones I post about on the course, we call our golf outings “communing with nature.”

    Now, back to the great photo and quote, Kerbey. Arnold was right, first off. And the guys in the picture look happy to be golfers. I do wonder about the role of the man in the middle.


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