My Sweet Nearly Embraceable You

Comet54-004What’s up with Frankie Valli and the Four Seasons here? That fourth season doesn’t quite know how to put his arm around a girl. That’s not even first base.

These are my guesses:

  • He’s taking extreme measures not to be perceived as “getting fresh.”
  • Margie recently had lap band surgery and lost half her weight, and old habits die hard, on his part.
  • Margie contracted Hep C by sharing a needle with Tommy Lee, and might be contagious.
  • There is an invisible parrot named Rio on her shoulder.
  • He was the very first tree-hugger, and his arms froze that way.

Do you have the answer? Can you tell me why the leaping Wolfman has one black hand?



20 thoughts on “My Sweet Nearly Embraceable You

  1. the black hand is just how the shadows hit, I think. And I don’t dare add to your list of guesses. They’re awesomely creatively hilariously funny is what they are 🙂 You even named the invisible parrot. Fantastico.

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    1. What if it’s not a shadow? What if The Four Seasons just put their handprints in the sidewalk at Graumann’s Theatre, and that’s why Wolfman looks like that? And that’s why the fourth season can’t touch her shoulder, for fear of getting her dirty!


  2. Actually black hand was a member of an infamous secret organization. The Ebony Digits, not to be confused with the crime syndicate Black Hand. The digits were not criminal they were organized to promote chastity on campus. All the members were fitted with a special shoulder clamp. When the arm was raised to shoulder level the clamp would lock and the would be Lothario was unable to lower it. Thereby making it impossible to hug his honey. It’s hard to get up to the plate much less get on base with immovable arms.


    1. That’s so odd! What a wonderful way to promote chastity. The Duggars only allow side hugs, but this is even better. My son just brought home a book on secret societies from the school library so he can investigate Illuminati, and I’ll have him check the index for The Ebony Digits.

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  3. Her father is “The Invisible Man” for reels. In her case she (and potential dates, love interests, dream boats) refers to him as “The Invisible Dad”. He is being chased by a young teenage werewolf Michael Landon (who has not completely wolfed out yet..damn that wolf hand!) While he is busy trying to prevent Fabian from any base (the Playtex bra she is wearing may indeed lift and desperate, but it does NOT prevent access) at all on his daughter

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