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Places To Go, People To Offend

All of today’s images were scanned from a January 1949 Holiday magazine that I own.
HolidayJan49-023In general, I think people are too quick to be offended and play the victim card and nurse their perceived wounds. However, this ad makes me uncomfortable. Even if the intent is to portray innocent street performance, the bare feet vs. the white jackets has implications.

In the next cartoon, we see Mexicans giving a car wash. As a person who, in the course of driving through town, sees Mexicans giving car washes almost daily, this does not offend me. But I imagine the man taking a siesta might offend some, as it could be perceived as perpetuating a stereotype.


This next image shows a musician in traditional garb, with a caption revealing that his music airs the local gossip. Is this offensive? I am more concerned with how men look in dresses.


In an article about Casablanca, an image not unlike a street urchin shows a veiled girl carrying her brother.

HolidayJan49-026 In today’s PC market, I doubt a travel magazine could write “which you won’t care to visit except by sunlight,” but I would actually appreciate that honesty. Isn’t that what Expedia and Trip Advisor sites are for?

They continue with an assessment of the open-air markets.

HolidayJan49-027Not being well-traveled myself, I cannot argue that there is not a maleficent odor. I imagine there is. I’ve seen Andrew Zimmern gut a pig on Bizarre FoodsNot every place is hygienic. Not every land is hospitable. My standard of cleanliness is quite different from some of my friends, who could do well to purchase some Clorox wipes, just like this man. I washed my hands ten times last night, handling raw chicken. So I imagine the stench of festering carcass is quite rank. I would rather know the truth before I hopped a plane across the ocean. What do you think? Are all of these offensive? Or none at all?

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Places To Go, People To See, Part IV

Today we turn the clock back to June 1952.

When traveling overseas, remember to take your finest suit for maximum comfort and ease as you read the precious books by people from colorful lands.


If $675 sounds a little steep, Americans can simply stay stateside and enjoy lobster at Hugo’s on Cohasset Harbor in Massachusetts. Just remember which fork serves what purpose or Martha Stewart will go all nun on you with a knuckle-rap.


 While you’re in the neighborhood, stop by the Scituate Harbor Yacht Club and chat about your summer homes on the Vineyard.


Pysch! It’s members only. You may be upper middle class, but you don’t have a yacht and you don’t belong here. One-fork people like you might enjoy a nice rental sailboat in Michigan. Yeah, that’s more your style.


What? Still can’t swing it? This is the Fabulous Fifties! Well, hold on to your hat; I’ve got just the ticket!


Take the Super-Doughnut ring (you people like doughnuts, right?) to your neighborhood pool and bask until you blister in the sun. Don’t forget to put crimson lipstick on and bring a spare patch in case you spring a leak.

Still not your speed? Take a cue from these kiddos and forget the travel! Who says you can’t have fun in your own back yard?

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Never Blow On Your Tip


Per pooldawg.com, “Never blow on your tip as the moisture from your breath can cause chalk to become cakey and not work as effectively.” This also applies to Russian pool, as seen in this 1952 Malibu bungalow. Perhaps the woman in the foreground is merely crooning Linda Ronstadt’s “Ooh, Baby Baby” or giving the stick encouragement. You can do it! One thing of which I’m certain: our local pool halls are rarely filled with pearls and peasant dresses. Oh, that’s a much better title! Pearls and peasant dresses.

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Fifty Years Old

Happy 50th birthday to Molly Shannon, who really does turn 50 years old today! She used to crack me up in her Saturday Night Live (SNL) Sally O’Malley sketches, as a limber 50-year-old woman kicking and stretching, proud of her age and agility. She would hike her pants up to her ribcage without shame.


That’s Molly Shannon in a nutshell. Shameless. Fearless. You remember her jumping backwards into folding chairs when she played Mary Catherine Gallagher?


Please don’t be one of those people who said they stopped watching SNL in the 80s. There are always funny skits; you just have to wait it out during the 3 total shows they do each year and the 49 reruns they show. If there wasn’t any talent, it wouldn’t have lasted since 1975. There wouldn’t be a Portlandia today. No Bill Murray, pointing his finger at me, telling me I’m awesome. And I, for one, don’t want to imagine a world without Will Ferrell.


So happy birthday, Molly Shannon. I hope you and your husband of a decade, Fritz Chestnut (oh, that’s a good one for the Blog of Funny Names), have a lovely day! You are a SUPERSTAR!