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Folksinging Club Of ’65

The students at Hammond High School in Alexandria, Virginia sure seemed to enjoy their folksinging. And they must have been on the cutting edge of the term, as “folk rock” wasn’t used in the U.S. music press until June of 1965 to describe The Byrds’ music.

Perhaps Bill was singing Peter, Paul, and Mary. But maybe he was hammering out “Mr. Tambourine Man,” much to their delight.

Some fellows gave private sessions.

And maybe, just maybe, they might reach the critical acclaim of Joan Baez and Bob Dylan.


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Hot Summer Trend: Sealskin Trouser Thigh Panel

Nat Geo, 10/49

This 70-year-old National Geographic states that the thigh panel on tight sealskin trousers are “a fashion must in Greenland.” Composed of bits of brightly-dyed leather in mosaic patterns, they add pop to any thighs, and compliment the two pounds of beaded collar forcing their shoulders down.

These Eskimo women are cited as Angmagssalik in the article. That’s a rough word, folks. You know how it’s Istanbul, not Constantinople nowadays? Well, in this case, it’s Tasiilaq, not the antiquated term Angmagssalik. So Tasiilaq it is!! If that’s too much for your brain on a Tuesday, I feel you.



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When Students Took Books To School

Anchor 65

P.S. They really don’t use books any more. At least not here. Our school district leases Lenovo laptops to students once they enter middle school and they can continue with the same one for years. Families pay for them yearly. Back in my day, we were issued used textbooks and we covered them with paper ads, such as Mrs. Baird’s bakery or Big Red. We had to fold them just right at the corners to keep them in place.

This is one I’ve actually kept for 40 years. Any of you recall doing this with paper bags?

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Or should I say “triplet-ies”?

Reminisce: Pics from the Past

Bert Nelson, Ramona Larson, and Rosella Lillehaug enjoyed a typical high school day in Hettinger, North Dakota in 1953, although methinks they’re dressed for bowling league night. Pedal pushers, saddle shoes, and white button-downs–could they be any cuter?

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Clever Senior Quips 1952

Some high schools allow seniors to come up with quotes for their yearbook. By that fourth year, teens are tired of learning, and they fancy silly sayings. But these Midland High School quotes are in a whole different realm.

By the way, geophagy is the practice of eating earth or soil-like substrates such as clay or chalk. A perruquier is a maker of wigs.

I like how Lil Slowpoke was already looking 40 years into the future!

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When Helen Was A Popular Name

In days of yore, both high school and university yearbooks included many pages of the campus’s most attractive dames. The 1933 Austin High School Comet was no exception. Let’s start with the freshman.

How equestrian! How polished! How elegant!

Now on to the sophomores.

Check out the razzle-dazzle art deco framing their pics. I guess most high school girls owned riding crops. Now we see the juniors, both named Helen.

And there are no 12A or B favorites, oddly. Just Essie Mae Wentworth, Queen of the Spring Festival.

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When Everyone Dresses Like Criminal Bonnie Parker

1933 Comet

Pictured above are the Austin High School 1933 Girl Reserves. I wasn’t clear what exactly “girl reserves” were (what came to mind was not pleasant), so I searched for clarity. According to the yearbook, their “aim” was to “find and give the best.” Their flower is listed as the “phlox” and their colors as “blue and white.” Seems like a lot of wasted information to me. Perhaps they were reserving the truth?

Below is the group of Sodalitas Latina. Motto: Esse quam videri. I am guessing the boys up front are freshmen, as they hardly look a day older than 14.

Along with the German Club, the Motion Picture Club (motion pictures being about the same age as the teachers), and TWO Nature Science Clubs, there was also this Golden R Readers Club, with one happy boy and several angry girls. Ralph appears to be mid-prank.

Not to be outdone by R’s, I present the Order of the Golden A, comprised of those who have achieved non-athletic interscholastic victory.

This one is a hoot. The front row middle girl is being held hostage by the iron fists of the Dead Center. Then we have Messy Martha, second from the left, who is not only scowling through lenses, but clutching her handbag protectively. Further to the right is that amazing three button dress.

Lastly, I share the Austin High Student Council–in two pieces, so you can really climb in there and check them out. Those pockets! That ruffle! What kind of Depression was this?

This shot is really just to appreciate Angry Eyebrows and Odd-Stance McCrary there, both in the front row (or as they called it, the FIFTH row, since the Top Row was in the back and there was no Front Row). If one thing is certain, it’s that those two aren’t dating.



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1933 Austin High School Tumbling Team

The AHS girls’ tumbling team consisted of these five ladies: Henderson, Remund, Silberstein, Piper, and McGill. Remund clearly was distracted.

For anyone familiar with Austin, you will recognize the capitol in the background, before the skyline was a jagged, crowded hodgepodge of skyscrapers.

I love the juxtaposition of the upside-down girls against the vintage cars, but it also raises many questions. Personally, I recall the discomfort of doing Jane Fonda aerobics in my high school cafeteria, especially when the boys walked past us during pelvic raises. One can only surmise how many citizens observed these antics as they passed by in the days prior to registered sex offenders, and how vulnerable these gals may have felt, limbs akimbo. Also, it looks quite painful! What are your thoughts?