When Students Took Books To School

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P.S. They really don’t use books any more. At least not here. Our school district leases Lenovo laptops to students once they enter middle school and they can continue with the same one for years. Families pay for them yearly. Back in my day, we were issued used textbooks and we covered them with paper ads, such as Mrs. Baird’s bakery or Big Red. We had to fold them just right at the corners to keep them in place.

This is one I’ve actually kept for 40 years. Any of you recall doing this with paper bags?

9 thoughts on “When Students Took Books To School”

  1. Like Benson, I used to cover them in brown paper. Of course back in the early Sumerian times we also wrote in cursive. By the way, what exactly is Big Red? (No, that’s not the start of a nasty joke ๐Ÿ™‚ )

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    1. It’s a white trashy diah-beetus drink that Southerners pimp, and evidently it was marketed to us in elementary school. We still have it as a fountain drink option at many restaurants, esp BBQ joints. It stains white t-shirts. It pairs well with Fritos and bean dip. And my husband likes it.


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