Next Up, Nickel Jaw Breakers

Veach Grocery, Marietta, Georgia, 1962

Jimmy may be wearing loafers, but there’s no loafing going on here. He’s making sure he’s got the energy to keep loading boxes of atomic fireballs, Butterfingers, and Baby Ruths. Surely he’s got the metabolism to indulge in chocolate bars each shift. He might even snag a box of Pom Poms on his way out.


6 thoughts on “Next Up, Nickel Jaw Breakers”

  1. this takes me back to working in the grocery store….to the days of stocking Little Debbie Zebra Cakes, Oatmeal Pies, Swiss Rolls…and all the sugary goodness contained therein. Inevitably, there would always be inexplicably damaged boxes that made their way back to the break room….

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