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High-Water Style 1938 — June 28, 2015
Listen Up, WordPress — June 27, 2015

Listen Up, WordPress

Originally posted on See, there's this thing called biology...:

I really don’t appreciate you decorating my blog and wordpress reader with the gay pride rainbow. I get it, you’re happy about the Supreme Court ruling on same sex marriage, but what about tolerating those of us who don’t share your views? What about allowing us the freedom to celebrate or to not celebrate, as we see fit?

Why would you presume it was okay to force everyone to display a symbolic icon declaring our support and celebration on our very own blogs, whether we want it or not? Did we consent to this? Isn’t that dishonoring to individuals and choice? Do I step into your house and tell you how to decorate, what issues you are mandated to agree with?

WordPress is supposed to an open blogging platform that encourages people to share their views. You’ve taken my choice away from me and decorated the platform with a political…

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So Much Out Of Focus — June 26, 2015

So Much Out Of Focus

Myrtle Beach Day III 025

Let us remember today that the same scene can be seen different ways. One allows us to focus on the one issue with what we perceive to be clarity, ignoring all of the complicated background. The other way allows us to see everything that is going on behind that proud, colorful flower.

Myrtle Beach Day III 026

Six Months Till Christmas! — June 25, 2015
Ad & Plinky Toepperwein — June 24, 2015

Ad & Plinky Toepperwein

Originally posted on The Blog of Funny Names:

They’re Pinky and the Brain

Yes, Pinky and the Brain

One is a genius, the other’s insane.

Such go the lyrics of the 1990s animated series Pinky and the Brain, about two cage-sharing laboratory mice. Today’s funny-named couple are not mice indeed, but they could be deemed Plinky and the Brawn. Yep, that there is Plinky–the one in the skirt–and you know who the Brawn is. And I don’t mean LeBron.

http://centerofthewest.org/ http://centerofthewest.org/

Actually, the Brawn was a native Texan named Adolph (before Adolf oozed of evil connotations) Toepperwein (before Tupperware oozed of delightful connotations), a rifle-doting trick shooter who toured the vaudeville circuit at the turn of the century (not this one; the one before). On a visit to a Winchester Repeating Arms Company, he met an employee named Elizabeth Servaty. He said, “Hey, nineteen” (her age at the time) and fell immediately in love with her.

In 1903, Ad took…

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Tuesday Night Social Club — June 23, 2015
When Pin Boy Was A Viable Career — June 22, 2015
Tropical Storm Bill Visits Our Neighborhood Pool — June 18, 2015
Every Day I’m Hustlin’ —
Belisha Beacons And Zebra Crossings — June 17, 2015

Belisha Beacons And Zebra Crossings

Readers Digest UK

A policeman in Cardiff, capital of Wales, leads children across the street in the 1930s. By 1934, road deaths exceeded 7000 per year, so the transport minister, Leslie Hore-Belisha, introduced the striped pole topped with an orange globe.


I can’t say as I’ve ever heard of or seen a Belisha beacon (aka a pelican beacon), which began marking pedestrian crossings of roads, later painted in black and white stripes, and known as zebra crossings. Yes, like the one on Abbey Road!

abbey road


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