Make All Our Dreams Come True


Dublin Dr Pepper 057Several years ago, we visited the little town of Dublin, Texas, which housed a 122-year-old bottling company that produced Dr Pepper with cane sugar. Every visitor received a free sample bottle to taste.

Dublin Dr Pepper 052

Since then, the Dr Pepper Snapple Group acquired the rights to the Dublin Dr Pepper franchise and closed down shop. Now the renamed Dublin Bottle Works makes its own unique sodas, including sweet peach and rummy grapefruit. But the Dr Pepper has disappeared, along with all of the memorabilia. Little did we know, that frosty D.P. was the last we’d drink in little Dublin. Nothing stays the same.

Dublin Dr Pepper 056

And yes, it was like seeing the opening to Laverne & Shirley.

Totem Time Tuesday



Remember last week when you said you were just itchin’ to find a way to fashion a totem pole out of empty spools? Well, consider yourself scratched.

Imagine how thrilled your husband will be, when he comes home to find this decorative display as a testament to your nine hours of productivity. Dinner and ironing be darned. Look, if you can’t pursue your dreams in a career, you can at least assure yourself that there’s still a trace amount of creativity left in that post-baby body. Remember how good you were at 3rd grade art? That girl’s still in you! And the process could not be easier.

PopMech026In fact, if there’s still wine in the bottle if you have extra energy, you can make this little Mexican hombre with a sombrero and a pincushion butt–sure to delight any visiting friends and family. Hijole! he says, each time you prick him. What a fun conversation-starter!