Postcards From The Edge

Today we start a series of posters from the Cote d’Azure. Many of us haven’t traveled since the 20-teens, so I hope these serve to inspire you with sunny beaches and lush coastline.

L Bonomici 1920
Roger Broders 1931
Victor Raymon 1935 and Robert Falcucci 1937
Hugo D’Alesi 1895
E Maurus, 1935
Jean Luchesi 1948

I Pledge Allegiance…Or Do I?

source: Riviera Cocktail
source: Riviera Cocktail

Perhaps it was a spontaneous self-exam? Or halfway to a clutch-the-pearls moment? Was it smugness or disdain?

Place: Monte Carlo, 1959, Red Cross Gala

People: Peter Ustinov, Italian Baroness Afdera Franchetti, Elsa Maxwell, and Henry Fonda

In the late 1950s, when Jane Fonda asked her father how he prepared before going on stage, she was baffled by his answer, “I don’t know, I stand there, I think about my wife, Afdera, I don’t know.” Jane, a proponent of Method Acting, could not understand how effortlessly her father prepared for a role. (wikipedia)

He must not have thought about his fourth wife for long, however, as he divorced her in 1961 and moved on to wife #5.

No wonder Barbara Stanwyck gave him the look.

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