When Helen Was A Popular Name

In days of yore, both high school and university yearbooks included many pages of the campus’s most attractive dames. The 1933 Austin High School Comet was no exception. Let’s start with the freshman.

How equestrian! How polished! How elegant!

Now on to the sophomores.

Check out the razzle-dazzle art deco framing their pics. I guess most high school girls owned riding crops. Now we see the juniors, both named Helen.

And there are no 12A or B favorites, oddly. Just Essie Mae Wentworth, Queen of the Spring Festival.

16 thoughts on “When Helen Was A Popular Name”

  1. Cotillion and horse back riding just go hand and hand. Frances didn’t look as though she was going for the elegant look. She look as though she would fit in with a band of Brazilian Gauchos.

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  2. It makes me wonder, is the Queen of the Spring Festival related to the wealthy branch of Wentworths? As to horse back riding, my mom grew up in a rural community and rode a horse to school. Perhaps they were cheaper than cars back then?

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  3. Used to be that every old gas station had a sign by the counter that said:
    “Our credit manager is Helen Back.
    If you want credit,
    You can go to Helen Back.”
    Haven’t seen one of those in years.

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