When Everyone Dresses Like Criminal Bonnie Parker

1933 Comet

Pictured above are the Austin High School 1933 Girl Reserves. I wasn’t clear what exactly “girl reserves” were (what came to mind was not pleasant), so I searched for clarity. According to the yearbook, their “aim” was to “find and give the best.” Their flower is listed as the “phlox” and their colors as “blue and white.” Seems like a lot of wasted information to me. Perhaps they were reserving the truth?

Below is the group of Sodalitas Latina. Motto: Esse quam videri. I am guessing the boys up front are freshmen, as they hardly look a day older than 14.

Along with the German Club, the Motion Picture Club (motion pictures being about the same age as the teachers), and TWO Nature Science Clubs, there was also this Golden R Readers Club, with one happy boy and several angry girls. Ralph appears to be mid-prank.

Not to be outdone by R’s, I present the Order of the Golden A, comprised of those who have achieved non-athletic interscholastic victory.

This one is a hoot. The front row middle girl is being held hostage by the iron fists of the Dead Center. Then we have Messy Martha, second from the left, who is not only scowling through lenses, but clutching her handbag protectively. Further to the right is that amazing three button dress.

Lastly, I share the Austin High Student Council–in two pieces, so you can really climb in there and check them out. Those pockets! That ruffle! What kind of Depression was this?

This shot is really just to appreciate Angry Eyebrows and Odd-Stance McCrary there, both in the front row (or as they called it, the FIFTH row, since the Top Row was in the back and there was no Front Row). If one thing is certain, it’s that those two aren’t dating.




7 thoughts on “When Everyone Dresses Like Criminal Bonnie Parker”

  1. Oy. What a sensory overload; these shots have too much to take lightly. You are so right about that first picture; some of those gals look like gun molls in training. I think the second pic is the most serious. I mean their name is in Latin and there motto is be seen. Now that is heavy. Of course those children don’t seem too serious. My favorite is the last one. The couple in front look like they come from a different era. I am not sure why but that dude’s hair seems too big and tall and dry for the times. The girl seems as though she is close to the guy. Possibly from the same time. The whole thing seems Dr Who like. Thanks for the pictures.

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    1. Yes, gun molls, exactly! I was thinking that McCrary looked like he was decades ahead of the others with his suit. His hair and clothes look more suited to “Saturday Night Fever” than 1933. Maybe it WAS Dr. Who.

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