Alternate Ways To Pledge Allegiance

Duffle046You’re supposed to put your right hand OVER your heart, not cop a feel of your breast. At least that was how we were taught. I think she just got to second base with herself. Or maybe she’s doing a routine exam for lumps. Save it for the bus ride, missy.

But I like her foot placement; she’s selling it. And check out the doll on the far left. She can’t quite summon up the words. And to the republic, for which it stands… Honestly, I don’t know why we ever phased out long plaid dresses with loafers and bobby socks. It’s a classic, modest look. The anti-Miley.

Apparently, Miles doesn’t know the correct way to pledge, either.

10 thoughts on “Alternate Ways To Pledge Allegiance”

  1. I don’t think she’s pledging allegiance to anything, Kerbey. I think a blog spirit from the future swooped down in front of the photographer and dangled the photo of Miles below, and she’s as aghast as I am.


  2. it seems to me behind those black polka dots she is very well endowed and no matter where she pledges she is going to wind up inadvertently molesting herself. That’s one small foot forward for full figured women one giant leap for Playtex cross your heart Bra’s


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