Scenes From A 1950 Duffle Bag, Part Cinco (And Scene)


“And that is where the Commies live. This is why we do ‘duck and cover’ air raid drills each week. I hope one day our countries can become friends, and they might even host an Olympics.”


This was me at the DMV yesterday. Actually, I couldn’t get inside the first office, as it was so packed that I couldn’t Red-Rover myself in through the actual door, so I had to drive 35 miles to another town and have it done there. Oh, happy day.


You know how I always say each portrait has “the guy”? The one all in white with his hip thrust forward is trying to be the guy, but he can’t compete with Cowboy Bill there, and his sassy hip askew. That’s the guy.

And by all rights, that is the girl. So much better than common tennis whites. Way to work that vest.


Yes, the one on the left.


“And then she admitted it was her in the back of the Pontiac, but she said they didn’t do anything, and I was all as if. Everyone knows Peg is a hussy.”

Well, folks, it’s time to close up the Duffle Bag. Happy Trails!


8 thoughts on “Scenes From A 1950 Duffle Bag, Part Cinco (And Scene)”

  1. Where do I begin? These pictures are all great. I’m fascinated by the 2 guys with their arms around each other. Acceptable in 1950. Especially when you duck and cover. Now it probably would be the source of snickers. And the girl in the vest does indeed have nice legs. Sally Graf. Any relation to Stefi Graf?


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