Back To School: Creative Studying Solutions

LIFE 3/7/49

Preston Tucker, owner of the Tucker Corp, tries to prove to investors that a car can be manufactured with engines in the rear.

This photo was published exactly four days after the company ceased operations of the Tucker 48. Only 51 cars were ever produced. Among other negative publicity, top newspaper columnist Drew Pearson reported that the car was a fraud because it could not go backward and it went “goose-geese” going down the road.

But what horsepower!

6 thoughts on “Back To School: Creative Studying Solutions”

  1. Goose Geese? What? Why were they shocked by a rear engine car in 49. The VW was around. Today all open wheel race cars are rear engine. Of course I do remember the kerfuffle that arose when Lotus challenged the Offie roadsters at the 500. And those were car people. So maybe their opinions of old man Tucker in 49 isn’t surprising

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