Getting Pinned In All The Wrong Places

1941 UT Austin
1941 UT Austin

18 thoughts on “Getting Pinned In All The Wrong Places”

  1. I thought pinned meant a boy gives a girl his fraternity pin to wear. If so what are the right places to be pinned. I do see a few of the ladies with some sort of pin on. Are those pins in the wrong place? Some of the nuances of Romance do escape me.

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    1. Look, I’m not gonna guarantee that it will still be good by the time UPS gets there. Eggs are fleeting enjoyments, like other fried foods. You gotta gobble in 10 min, or they’re no good.


      1. But you are right. In this sorority, I think none of these sisters were ever really pinned, these are fake pins, and nobody knew where they were supposed to go. Not there.


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