Over-The-Shoulder Look Back

We’ve all seen the celebs walk the red carpet, then pause to give this look.

Nat Geo 12/49

Granted, they weren’t wearing a calico flour sack like Nemukwunga the Umbakumban. Aborigines living in Groote Eylandt used the sacks as loincloths when modesty was forced upon them. But who could blame them? Flour sacks used to come in all kinds of fun prints!

During the lean years of the Depression, folks would re-purpose the sacks into dresses, shirts, and tea towels.


Of course, some people wear sacks better than others.

Marilyn Monroe

And how about those shoes, ladies? I assume the men don’t see them.

Photos by Earl Theisen/Getty Images


4 thoughts on “Over-The-Shoulder Look Back”

    1. I bet I would enjoy them! On an aside, I’ve spent the last week reading a book called The Storied Life of AJ Fikry. In parts of it, he signs things AJF, and it always reminds me of your wife LOL!


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