9 thoughts on “A Mercury For St. Paddy”

      1. Maybe it is just the faded aspect the picture suggests. I like a vibrant and shiny green. I do like Kelly green if it is shiny. It’s the magpie in me.

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  1. My first “100% mine” car was a hand me down 1949 Chevy so I have a soft spot for autos of that vintage. I have so many stories about that car from how it got its bullet holes to the hole in the floor under the brake pedal. Good times.

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      1. The car’s original owner was the father of a girl I dated. He was the head foreman at the nuclear submarine machine shop at Pearl Harbor. On the night shift the guys would fabricate car parts from leftover exotic metals used in the subs. So this car had like titanium valves and all sorts of odd metals in its engine. It was so silent that it was near impossible to hear the engine from even 3 feet away. But the body and interior were horrible, rotted from the Hawaii rain. There was a huge hole under the driver side floor so when driving in rain it would splash up your legs. I had the car from maybe 68 to 71 and fittingly painted it psychedelic chartreuse with a black top. I used a paint brush. It wasn’t pretty. No place on Oahu that I could in that vehicle. Try to go “parking” at night at the beach and next day it was “Hey brah, saw your car da order night.” And on and on…

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      2. When I finally sold the car it was literally falling apart but the engine was as strong as ever. I sold it to a hippie guy who paid me $125 in coins in a giant jar. Never saw it on the island again. The precious metals in that engine were probably worth a small fortune. Yeah, these’s a fair amount of rain in Hawaii – there’s a rainy season in winter and the trade winds bring showers almost daily. Lots of rainbows.

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