Guests, Like Fish, Begin To Smell After Three Days.

Youngstown Kitchens, 1949

*Quote by Ben Franklin

It’s an odd ad for the 40s indeed. On one hand, yes, get the mother-in-law out of the kitchen. Let Jim and Pam handle the dishes themselves. But on the other hand, don’t be so rough with Ruby that she loses footing in her swank heels.

Taken out of context, it would appear that the husband was spontaneously vogue-ing, a la 1990. 

But let’s not go there.


5 thoughts on “Guests, Like Fish, Begin To Smell After Three Days.”

  1. Yes “vogueing” is best left to the 90’s or whenever it appeared. I am always amazing whenever I see how folks dressed for dinner in the recent past. Surely women didn’t wear high heels all the time. It is nice to know they could afford a garbage disposal. I wonder where the stove and Fridge are?

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